End of Life Psychedelic Care

A Journey to Live For

At EOLPC, we envision a world where everyone has access to psychedelic medicines, transforming the death and dying process into a sacred and loving journey.

To further that vision, our mission is to create the environment where the safe use of psychedelic medicine is accessible and affordable for anyone faced with a life-threatening illness.

We focus on three programs in support of our mission: Advocacy for policy  reform; Educational programming for consumers and practitioners; and Connection between and within the groups.

Our values center on...

- accessibility and affordability,

- honoring the wisdom of our clients,

- providing balanced information,

- advocating for individuals' rights

- and respecting their boundaries.​


Psilocybin and Cancer

Thomas Hartle was first diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2016 and given an 18 month prognosis to live. Under the Special Access Program through Health Canada, Thomas has undertaken 7 psilocybin journeys since 2020.

Join Thomas as he shares his heartfelt and inspirational story, along with his belief on how his cancer made him a better person. He explains that, although psilocybin is not a cure, it is the reason why he has outlived the initial prognosis by more than 7 years.



Consumer and practitioner education.

EOLPC offers a wide range of educational courses, from free webinars to training programs on topics related to psychedelic care at end of life. As a nonprofit, our commitment is to deliver quality programs, taught by experts in their respective fields, at no cost or at an affordable cost. To increase accessibility, we also offer a limited number of partial scholarships.

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Practitioner peer networking.

The EOLPC Member Forum offers practitioners several benefits: an ability to connect with their peers in monthly discussion groups; 10% off all courses; inclusion in the private membership directory; discounts on related services and trainings; and more. To learn more and sign up, please click the link below. 


The biggest obstacle to embarking on a psychedelic journey can be the fear of the “trip”. Let EOLPC connect you with compassionate and experienced professionals to be there with you every step of the way. Stay tuned for announcements for the EOLPC Connector Directory.

Consumer discussion groups.

Sharing your story with those also faced with a life-threatening or terminal illness is a powerful way to feel witnessed and understood. Join EOLPC in its biweekly online Consumer Discussion Group launching in July. More details to follow.


Dying and Psychedelics

Psychedelics Today’s David Drapkin, Christine Caldwell and Mary Telliano discuss a wide range of topics around psychedelics, death and dying. Our conversation will stimulate thoughts about your own beliefs around death and dying. You’ll learn how psychedelics can wrestle with this huge topic and bring you out whole and complete on the other side (of the journey and of life. Click here to listen.

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