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There is no additional fee in 2024 to be a Connector Member.

Frequently Asked Questions

EOLPC offers 2 tiers of membership: one, the Colleague Membership and the second, the Connector Membership. Everyone who registers and completed their profile is approved for the Colleague Membership. Benefits include:

  • 10% off all EOLPC courses
  • Participation in the monthly Discussion Forum with experts in the field of end of life and/or psychedelic care and members can network, share best practices, and, generally, let your hair down.
  • Access to the Membership Directory. Members can be searched based on type of profession, location, and psychedelic(s) with which they are experienced.
  • Discounted consultation services with Dr. Ben Malcolm EOLPC is a Spirit Pharmacist subscriber. Discounted consultations are available for a limited number of clients.
  • Private Signal Group to communicate safely with peers.
  • Discounts through Partner Programs. This can include psilocybin experiential retreats or other training, among others.

The Connector Membership includes all of the above benefits, plus inclusion in the Connector Directory. Members meeting the requirements of experience and/or training in end of life care and psychedelic care are eligible for the Connector Directory once they have registered and completed the profile. Clients will be able to search for support based on their needs.

The Membership Directory is a private directory for EOLPC members only. The Connector Directory is a public-facing directory where prospective clients can search on specific criteria including profession, type of service (remote or in-person), locations served/licensed, and psychedelics with which they are experienced. EOLPC is launching client outreach programs to actively promote the Connector Directory to the public.

EOLPC reviews applications for training in both end of life care and psychedelic care. Criteria include any relevant licenses and certifications in these fields. Furthermore, experience in these fields also may be applied toward eligibility. For example, if you work in an eol-related field and have several years’ experience serving medicines, that experience will be reviewed for eligibility. Another example, is if you have served as a hospice volunteer and received psychedelic facilitation training, that experience is also reviewed for eligibility.

The broader your experience is, the better chance you will have for receiving referrals. It is also anticipated that in the beginning as EOLPC launches the client outreach efforts, planned for late Spring 2024, the number of clients will grow as the outreach efforts grow. This is why the membership fee is $150 for both the Colleague Membership and the Connector Membership in 2024.

Membership Fees are refundable with 30 days written notice. You can email info@eolpc.org and request that your membership be cancelled. The amount refunded is pro-rated based on the number of months from the start of the membership through the 30 day notification period.

The short answer is no. EOLPC is the “connector”. If a client contacts you, the responsibility lies with both of you to determine the nature of the relationship. We recommend you research insurance carriers for general liability coverage. Similarly, you and the client must understand and take responsibility for the laws within the jurisdictions you operate as they relate to any psychedelic substance.

You need to make sure you are logged in as a member first. The 10% discount is automatically applied when you register for a course.

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