Christine Caldwell

Psychedelics Educator, Advocate and Founder, End of Life Psychedelic Care

My experience owning a 250-client home health agency taught me a lot about how people age and die in our society. I knew then that our home health care aides worked to the best of their ability to stave off loneliness, depression and anxiety over the fear of dying, but often their compassionate care was not enough. Fast forward to three years ago when I began to study the benefits of psychedelic care. I was drawn to the research using psilocybin in cancer patients that showed significant reductions in anxiety and depression while also helping participants accept their death and dying with peace and equanimity. Along the way, I dove into the benefits of Ketamine and MDMA, as well, and realized that bringing safe, psychedelic care to those with life-threatening or terminal illnesses would become my life’s work. As a result, I founded the nonprofit, End of Life Psychedelic Care, to educate and provide patients with access to compassionate care and support during the end-of-life process. We believe that psychedelic-assisted care can play a pivotal role in easing anxiety, depression, as well as the emotional and spiritual challenges that often accompany a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Highlights from My Background

  • Member, Dying Well Initiation/Global Wellness Institute
  • Certificate of Completion, Psychedelics Today Vital Training Program, 3/23
  • Enrolled in Dr. Rosalind Watts’ ACER (Accept, Connect, Embody, Restore) Integration Program, completion, October 2023
  • Manager, End-of-Life Programs, Diaspora Psychedelic Society, Treasure Beach, Jamaica
  • Certified Deepak Chopra Total Well-being Coach, Meditation and Health Instructor
  • Owner and Administrator for a 250-client Home Health Agency in Florida
"Christine is an outstanding educator who encourages discussion and exploration around psychedelic-assisted therapy and end-of-life concerns. She creates learning opportunities that help individuals become more aware of their options regarding these issues to make informed choices about their treatment plans."
- Keith Fiveson
MDiv, Author, Keynoter, host of the Mindfulness Experience podcast, and Mindfulness-based Integrative Wellness and Psychedelic Coach
After watching Christine's presentation on Psychedelic Care, Kay said "Knocked it out of the park. It was clear, concise and totally relatable."
- Kay Perrin
PhD, retired Associate Professor, College of Public Health, University of South Florida
"Your presentation was phenomenal and very in depth. Our team is raving about your presentation!...You know your stuff! and we are so much more well informed now."
- Amanda Hunter
MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC Dept of Psychiatry MD Anderson Center

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