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As a nonprofit, we are committed to offering free or low cost educational programs to expand accessibility and affordability. Just since May 2023, EOLPC has reached over 2,000 people with our free programs! We are also pleased to announce that we now offer partial scholarships for all of our courses.

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education courses

Free webinars and courses are taught by experts in the field of psychedelic care with a deep knowledge of end-of-life issues. Each course is taught through the lens of caring for someone with a terminal diagnosis. Topics include working with ketamine,  psilocybin or 5-MEO-DMT; screening and assessment; preparation and integration; spirituality; bereavement; meditation; and much more.

Thursdays, 7/18, 7/25, and 8/1, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT

This 3 session online course will discuss how death meditations can reduce anxiety and increase feelings of well-being at the end of life. These practices are beneficial for anyone at end of life but they are especially valuable for psychedelic medicine preparation, self-regulation during the journey, and for integration afterwards. $135 members/$150 non-members with a limited number of partial scholarships available. Up to 4.5 CEUs may be approved for social workers, nurses, and psychologists (depending on state).

Instructor Bio
Catherine Durkin Robinson


Monday, August 13, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT

This FREE presentation is an introduction to the potential for the safe use of psychedelic medicines to transform the death and dying journey of those faced with a life-threatening or terminal diagnosis. This 90 minute online session covers the psychedelic medicines best suited for end of life care, the research, the needs of those toward the end of life, and how psychedelic medicine can support their needs.

Instructor Bio
Christine Caldwell, Founder EOLPC, Psychedelics Advocate and Educator


Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting October 15, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT
This 8 module, online and interactive course provides an in-depth training on the role of an End of Life Doula or Deathworker with a plant medicine component. This course will help prepare you to work in any EoL-related field, to support a loved one, or to learn about the death and dying process in general. The course will also prepare you to sit for the National End of Life Doula Alliance's credentialing exam. $540 members/$600 non-members with a limited number of partial scholarships available.
Instructor Bio
Catherine Durkin Robinson


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Check out the upcoming courses below. If you sign up to receive updates, you will be notified when the course opens for registration. All courses provide up to 4.5 CEUS for nurses, social workers, and psychologists (depending on state) with the exception of the Psychedelic Core Course which provides up to 9 CEUs.

Grief and Psychedelics – Starting August 21

The loss of a loved one can leave us in a state of despair and longing. While the traditional methods of therapy have proven effective in aiding the grieving process, there’s a potential alternative approach to consider: psychedelic therapy as an adjunct to  grief support.  Stay turned for future announcements to join EOLPC for a deep dive into the use of psychedelics in this emerging frontier of care.

Psychedelic Core Course for End of Life Care – Starting September-October

Stay tuned for announcements to register for this popular 6 session, online and live course. This course is designed for clinicians, therapists, end of life doulas, hospice chaplains and anyone wanting to work in an eol-related caregiving role. It provides a foundational understanding of why and how psychedelic care can help a client ease existential and psychological distress when faced with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

IFS, Somatic Techniques and Supportive Touch for Psychedelic Care at End of Life – November

You take great care of your clients at end of life, but do you take care of yourself? Sharing energetics can sap your wellbeing and ability to help your client.  Learn basic IFS, somatic techniques and safe, supportive touch to increase both you and your client’s mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Spirituality: An Essential Understanding for Psychedelic Integration at End of Life – December

In this three-session online and interactive course, Rev. Lynda Elaine Carré, Clinical Chaplain and Integration Therapist, will lead an exploration into what “spirituality” is and is not and why it is essential and inseparable from truly responsible and skillful psychedelic integration, especially at end-of-life.



EOLPC hosts Mary Telliano, an EoL Doula and Psychedelic Facilitator with 10 years’ experience accompanying hundreds of people through deep plant medicine journeys. For anyone interested in serving people toward the end of life, from a terminal diagnosis to days before transitioning, you will find this conversation enlightening.

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