Open Forum 2: End of Life Psychedelic Care

12/08/2023, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT


On August 28, EOLPC hosted an Open Forum with Palliative Care Physician, Dr. Michael Fratkin. Members of the community came together to ask their questions about the use of psychedelics to help those with life-threatening or terminal illnesses. The questions that arose were wide-ranging and deserve further discussion. There is much we still do not know about how psychedelics help ease anxiety and depression and overcome the fear of dying. On December 8, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT, tune in to the panel of experts who will share their collective knowledge and experience to answer as many questions as possible.

Moderated by Christine Caldwell, Founder and Executive Director for the nonprofit End of Life Psychedelic Care, the panel will include:

Dr. Michael Fratkin, Palliative Care Physician and Ketamine Therapy Provider

Dr. Matt Brown, Psychiatrist and certified Psychedelic Therapist

Thomas Hartle, 8 year Stage 4 colon cancer survivor and experienced psilocybin journeyer

Mary Telliano, End of Life Doula and experienced Psychedelic Journey Facilitator

Laura (LB) Barry, Hospice Chaplain and experience Psychedelic Journey Facilitator

Even if you missed the initial session, this follow up will definitely be enlightening and thought provoking.

Panel Hosts
Christine Caldwell
Founder and Executive Director, EOLPC
Michael Fratkin, MD
Palliative Care Physician and Ketamine Therapy Provider

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