Spirituality: An Essential Understanding for Psychedelic Integration at End of Life

Thursdays, May 9, 16, 23, 12-1:30pm ET/9-10:30am PT


In this three-session online and interactive course, Rev. Lynda Elaine Carré, Clinical Chaplain and Integration Therapist, will share concepts, examples, and approaches that will enrich a practitioners’ holistic support of their clients’ preparation and integration. Participants will gain an understanding of what “spirituality” is and is not and why it is essential and inseparable from truly responsible and skillful psychedelic integration, especially at end-of-life.

Participants will learn how to prepare themselves and their clients to face powerful conscious and unconscious influences they can encounter in the expanded transpersonal states in end-of-life processes and in psychedelic-assisted journeys. She will share ways practitioners can support their clients in assimilating deeply challenging experiences and insights that defy core beliefs and ontological reality, so that Spiritual Distress is alleviated and Spiritual Growth is enhanced through nurtured awareness and upgraded meaning-making that is Spiritual Care.

Although the course is best experienced live, all sessions will be recorded and sent within 24 hours. Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Session 1: Spirituality, What It Is and Why It Matters
In this session, Rev. Carré establishes an understanding of inextricable Spirituality, Spiritual Care, and Integration. To prepare practitioners and their clients, she will highlight many examples of significant conscious and sub-conscious influences from ancestral, archetypal, and religiosity sources that can amplify during transformative end-of-life processes and psychedelic-assisted states of expanded consciousness. 
Session 2: Spiritual Distress vs. Spiritual Growth
In addition to the potential for profound insights, loving interconnection, and new positive relationships with anxiety and depression, transpersonal and transformative consciousness-expanding journeys can also give rise to agonizing collisions with unquestioned or unconscious beliefs and constructs of ontological reality that can be experienced as deeply painful, disruptive, and disorienting Spiritual Distress. Rev. Carré provides a model for identifying Spiritual Distress, examples, and ways to support a client’s movement through Spiritual Distress toward Spiritual Growth.
Session 3: Spiritual Care/Integration Meaning-Making 
Supporting a client’s ability to grow emotionally and spiritually by accessing the innate wisdom of their own inner healer, practitioners will learn some ways to support a client’s meaning-making of new experiences, information, and idiosyncratic insights.  Skillful, compassionate Spiritual Care is inextricable from attuned and responsible psychedelic Integration, especially necessary in our contemporary western culture.  Rev. Carre will share some best-practices Spiritual Care for engaging with clients that can serve to enhance and upgrade their holotropic wellbeing. 
Rev. Lynda Carre, Clinical Chaplain and Integration Therapist
Lynda Elaine Carré provides Therapeutic PsycheSpiritual Care for Journeying, Aging, and Dying Well through her private practice, Wellspring Passages. She is an adventurous, ever-curious elder with decades of experience as a spiritual care specialist provider and educator of transformation and integration for those living through the end-of-life in off-grid, residential, clinical, community, and organizational contexts. Drawing from her expertise as an interfaith clinical chaplain at major trauma hospitals and hospice services, a sacred deathcare doula, a home funeral guide, and a psychedelic-integration therapist, she shares useful and inspiring best practices for spiritual well-being and growth through end-of-life journeys. Rev. Carre graduated as an Ordained Interfaith Minister from The Chaplaincy Institute and completed Palliative Care Chaplain Residency at UCLA Hospital. She holds Certificates of Completion from the CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care, Internal Family Systems Institute, and Psychedelics Today Vital Therapies and Integration Program.

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