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EOLPC offers free webinars covering a wide range of topics related to psychedelic care for end of life. Featured below are some of our recent videos and podcasts. To access the EOLPC YouTube channel click the button below.



Thomas Hartle Shares His Story with Psilocybin and Cancer

Thomas Hartle was first diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2016 and given an 18 month prognosis to live. Under the Special Access Program through Health Canada, Thomas has undertaken 7 psilocybin journeys since 2020.

Join Thomas as he shares his heartfelt and inspirational story, along with his belief on how his cancer made him a better person. He explains that, although psilocybin is not a cure, it is the reason why he has outlived the initial prognosis by more than 7 years.

A Conversation with Mary Telliano, End of Life Doula and Psychedelic Facilitator

EOLPC hosts Mary Telliano, an EoL Doula and Psychedelic Facilitator with 10 years’ experience accompanying hundreds of people through deep plant medicine journeys. For anyone interested in serving people toward the end of life, from a terminal diagnosis to days before transitioning, you will find this conversation enlightening.

Ketamine Therapy in Palliative Care

Can ketamine therapy ease psychological and existential distress? The resounding answer is YES! Join Christine Caldwell, Founder/Exec Dir, EOLPC, and four deeply experienced ketamine providers as they cover a broad range of topics relating to ketamine and end of life care. Panelists include:

  • Michael Fratkin, MD, Palliative Care Physician and Ketamine Provider
  • Catherine Beckett, LCSW, PhD, Ketamine-Assisted Therapist and End of Life Doula
  • Anna Osborne, MSN, RN, Hospice and Psychedelic Nurse and End of Life Doula
  • David Dansky, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Ketamine Provider and Alchemist.

Psychedelic Care: Transforming the Death and Dying Journey

The safe use of psychedelics can transform the way we experience the death and dying process. This presentation is designed for anyone interested in how psychedelics can benefit those faced with a life-threatening or terminal diagnosis. We explore how psilocybin, ketamine, and MDMA, as the most widely available and researched psychedelics, have helped thousands of people find peace and equanimity in their death and dying process. We cover the research, health considerations, how to work with them at end of life, and share a number of real-life stories which really explains why this work is so important.



Psychedelics Today’s David Drapkin, Christine Caldwell and Mary Telliano discuss a wide range of topics around psychedelics, death and dying. Our conversation will stimulate thoughts about your own beliefs around death and dying. You’ll learn how psychedelics can wrestle with this huge topic and bring you out whole and complete on the other side (of the journey and of life. Click here to listen.

Kayse Gehret, Founder of Microdosing for Healing speaks with Christine Caldwell about the need for a more compassionate approach to the death and dying process. They also discuss the importance of holding death as sacred, how plant medicines can help at the end of life, understanding what it means to let go of everything you love and why a good journey starts with a trusted facilitator. Click here to listen.

Michael Mann, founder Planetary Health: Earth First, Mars Next, speaks with Christine Caldwell on the topic of death, dying and psychedelic care. This wide-ranging conversation covers not just psychedelic care at end of life but also psychedelic care for Veterans with PTSD and ibogaine, a medicine that Christine does not recommend for anyone faced with a terminal illness. Click here to listen.

Traci Arieli, End of Life Doula, speaks with Christine Caldwell about psychedelic care for those with a terminal illness. The discussion encompasses the role of a death doula in facilitating the safe use of psychedelics and what it is like to work with someone who is close to the end of life. Click here to listen.

Keith Fiveson, MDiv, PATP interviewed me for his podcast, The Mindfulness Experience. We had a wide-ranging conversation on why and how psychedelic care is so important for people faced with a terminal diagnosis, the research and real-world applications demonstrating its healing potential, why control and surrender are both important to the process, psychedelic journeys and chemo sessions, and how end-of-life doulas, hospice chaplains, palliative and hospice care medical professionals, and psychotherapists all play an important role in EoL psychedelic care. Click here to listen.

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