A life-threatening or terminal diagnosis are the most frightening words any of us will hear.

In an instant, everything you thought you knew about your life is gone and is taken up by an endless round of doctor’s visits and treatments. But the emotional and spiritual pain and the impact on your family often goes untreated. What if there was an alternative care program that had the potential to deal with the emotional and spiritual pain and helped your family as well? There is: Psychedelic Care.


psychedelics right for you?

The short answer is, it depends. EOLPC’s goal is to  provide you with the information you need in a straight forward and easy to understand manner so that you can make an informed decision.

— why psychedelics

Going back almost 20 years, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and UCLA, among others, have studied the impact of psychedelic therapy on patients with cancer. They have consistently shown that psychedelics ease anxiety and depression, reduce the fear of dying, while improving quality of life and bringing back a sense of purpose and meaning. For more on the research, please click here.



— this will not be a journey you take on your own.

EOLPC trains and educates care professionals with a passion to serve people with life-threatening illnesses. The end goal is to ensure that there is a team of experienced professionals who understand how and why psychedelics work and are trained to help you navigate this time of your life. And when you are ready, EOLPC helps you find the right support.



— Founder EOLPC, Psychedelics Advocate and Educator

My experience owning a 250-client home health agency taught me a lot about how people age and die in our society. I knew then that our home health care aides worked to the best of their ability to stave off loneliness, depression and anxiety over the fear of dying, but often their compassionate care was not enough.

​Fast forward to three years ago when I began to study the benefits of psychedelic care. 


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